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OpenStack is awesome, but it cannot function without capable storage systems and powerful networking. This presentation puts an accent on the networking side of things: You will see how to create a Layer-3-based Leaf-Spine networking architecture that scales.

Mellanox 100GbE hardware is used to facilitate the physical link, and Midonet is used for Software-Defined Networking on the OpenStack Layer.

If you are looking into networking design for OpenStack, don’t miss this!


Martin Gerhard Loschwitz

Geek, Debian Developer, Cloud architect, journalist: Martin is a jack of many trades. He currently holds the position of a Teamlead for OpenStack Development at SysEleven in Berlin. He has previously worked as a consultant on OpenStack Cloud architecture, Software Defined Storage (SDS), Software Defined Networking (SDN) and High Availability. In his free time, he writes articles for a number of IT magazines on Cloud computing and related topics.